Friday, January 23, 2015


Andy for Bigs/Sue.
Samson for vmrs/Virginia.
Dave the Cat for oldrockchick/Lin.

I have been sorely slackening.  I have been sick, I have been going to the doctor.  I am having cataract surgery one my first eye in Feb. so I have been a little on edge.  I know it is a simple surgery and only takes about 20 minutes actual time by the doctor, but IT'S MY EYE!

Sorry for not blogging more but with so much on my mind, it's hard to keep up with everything.

I started a new project in the Wetcanvas Forum.  It is titled Animals.  We have a full project of 16 participants.  I will be doing the pets of anyone who has them.  Anyone else can tell me what their favorite animal is and I will try to do those.

So far I have finished 3 and mailed them.  One has been received.  One cat and 2 dogs.  12 more to go.  I have a few more pets to do but not everyone has one.