Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Sweet Friday

I started a picture of Friday tonight. I probably have less than 2 hours on her as I went right in with the colored pencil after I got the first eye sketched in. I'm just sketching as I need the area. I plan to do several pictures of her. We still miss her so much and each picture I do helps my hubby in his grief. I have so many photos of her that I just want to draw.

She was such a gentle dog. My nephew and mom wouldn't agree. They said she snapped at my mom as they came inside the gate one day. I know that she was at the gate and I was in a back room of the house and that they were entering her territory. Maybe that was the reason. Also she knew that my nephew didn't like her and he was behind my mom and maybe she felt threatened by him. But to us she was such a gentle loving dog and hated to be scolded. It just about broke her heart if we were mad at her. She lived to please us.

As with our other two dogs who passed in the last few years, we will be having an acrylic painting done of her. We have a painter whose work we just love and she will be doing this one. She has done two others for us. Both are just gorgeous. Her name is Jody.

Jody who lives in Tennessee can be found in the Wetcanvas Forum as jody007 in the Animal and Wildlife area. She is so good with animal portraits. My husband says her paintings bring the eyes of our pets alive once again for him. He wouldn't want anyone else to do them.

Just recently on the Animal and Wildlife Forum of Wetcanvas Jody post a thread with a question. She was wondering if anyone had ever offered a free painting and had it turned down. Well she just had that experience and it left her shaken in her ability. The person didn't just say he didn't want it, he said "he wouldn't have that crap on his walls". Kind of a harsh statement to anyone especially as he had just lost everything due to a fire and was wanting some stuff to put on his walls. She drove the painting to him and offered it matted and framed for free. It was a horse portrait. A very nice one.

As I expected from other artists, there have been 1299 views to that post and so far 84 replies. Everyone of them totally floored that someone would be so rude. Several had noted that Jody hadn't been painting and posting for a bit and that is why. I hate that someone has that much control over our confidence or happiness or whatever you want to call it. My mama raised me that you don't say things to people like that. I was taught to thank or no thank you someone who offered something to me. Never would I make someone feel that they were wrong in doing something so kind.

There were a couple repliers who had similar "put downs" and that is such a shame. All artists need encouragement and maybe gentle guidance, but never deserve to be treated like that. Ok rant over.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


I didn't feel real perky today and spent a lot of time in bed sleeping. So I didn't get out anywhere to sketch. I did do a few here at the desk when I was checking emails and sites about noon. Nothing mind boggling or life altering but sketches nontheless.

First I drew my battery and charger for my camera. I figured in case I was going out today, I needed the camera charged.

Second I sketched the little tin cow planter that I have. I don't think I have ever sketched it. I have had it for several years. It was a birthday or Christmas present from a coworker where I last worked. I collected cows and still have a few of them until they were expanding so much I needed a bigger corral.

Next I decided to do my hand. Why not? It's always with me. And a subject I have done many times.

And what else but my thumb. Up close and personal. Another subject I have used many times. All were done with graphite mechanical pencil in my Moleskine Sketchbook.

Well I hope everyone else had a really nice day out in the world sketching, eating, drinking, or whatever else you fancied.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Wetcanvas downtime postponed

Wetcanvas announced it won't be down after all this weekend. They will let us know when there is a new date. So now all the panicking was for nothing. We can still get our WC fix.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Scavenger Hunt #167

Since Wetcanvas will be down from the 26th thru the 1st, I decided to post the Scavenger Hunt list for anyone who wants it and doesn't make it to Wetcanvas before they are down. Here is the list.

Scavenger Hunt #167 Feb 25-Mar 1

a person
an animal
from nature
made of metal
made of plastic
made of glass
a pair of...
for your hands
for your feet
for your head
outside Challenge #1 - the inside and outside of the same item
having a strap/straps
related to art
related to music
eyeglasses or sunglasses
tool used for cooking
tool used for cleaning

Challenge #2 - draw one or more item using your non-dominant hand.
Challenge #3 - use 3 or more items in the same sketch

It is hosted by JoanT this time around. You can visit her site by clicking the link on the right for Joan Tavolott. She does beautiful watercolors.

WDE photos for 2-26-10 can be found here. Hosted by Justjean.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wetcanvas Will Be Down

It has been posted that Wetcanvas will be down (Wetcanvas will be down for hardware migration from 2/26 to 3/1.

I didn't see the actual post from Wetcanvas but saw this in the Scavenger Hunt Forum area. We are hoping the next hunt will be posted early so we will have it thru the weekend. Also I noticed that the Wetcanvas WDE will be started for next week on Wednesday so everyone can save their photos and have them for painting over the weekend.

Of course we will all miss the site while it is down but at least we know ahead of time and when it is supposed to be back up. Now if we just had the exact time...are we spoiled or what?

Oh Yeah. Don't forget Sketchcrawl #26 is Saturday the 27th. I hope everyone can manage a few sketches.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ski Teddy

I got a new teddy bear at the grocery store on Thursday. It is so cute and has a knit cap and scarf. I called it Ski Teddy as it looks like it is ready to go skiing. I did a picture of it in colored pencils last night on mat board. 8 1/2 x 11 inches.


This is my 800th post. Seems like I should have more since I have been here so long now, but that's what is listed.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hearts and More Hearts

Here are the rest of my Heart cards. Now I just have one more Warm Weather card to do and both my trades will be finished.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nice Ripe Tomatoes

Warm sunny weather brings nice ripe tomatoes. Nice juicy ripe tomatoes. Yummy. This is colored pencil and pen and ink on the same golden paper I used for the bird house but it doesn't scan right this time.

Monday, February 15, 2010

French Scene

I did another scene from France. It is 64 Rte. Departementale 131, France. It is one of the Google Street Map scenes I saved from last month. I love the old rock buildings and walls. I don't think I would enjoy living there tho as I am sure it is very cold and hard to heat plus all those stairs with my bum leg. I'm getting way too old to deal with stairs.


Warm weather b babies of all kinds. It's so cute to see the babies and the adults interacting. The new babies getting their feet under them and exploring their new world. Here is a goose keeping a wise eye on her babies. For the Warm Weather Trade. 5 1/2 x 3 1/2 on green cardstock with colored pencils and pen and ink.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Fishing is something else that is done in the warm summer months Of course mostly in the early mornings or evenings. I found the photo in the RIL at Wetcanvas and just had to use it.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Another Warm Weather Card finished. This one is 7x3 inches on a tan mat board. These seagulls seem to have the beach to themselves. Colored pencil and a little pen and ink.

Another Warm Weather Card

I finished another Warm Weather card for the trade. This one I laminated as it is going to the Philippines. I wanted to make sure it doesn't get damaged. 9 more to go. 9 more to go on the Heart trade. 3 people are on both trades so I will make sure to send both of theirs at once and save some postage.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Heart Zentangles

Here are 2 more of my Heart Zentangle ATCs for the trade.

This Little Piggy

Yesterday I bought a little ceramic pig at the Goodwill Store. I thought he was really cute and couldn't wait to draw him. Here is the ATC I did with colored pencils and the original in a scan.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hearts ATCs

I am in a trade at Drawspace forum for a theme of Hearts. They are supposed to be in the style of Picasso. I'm doing just some non ordinary hearts. Probably most will be like Zentangles. I have 2 finished. The one that looks purple is done with a new pattern that was shown on the new Zentangle newsletter. It had circles where I have hearts and I changed the background. The other one I just made up. Started putting hearts on paper. These are both done on lavender colored card stock with colored pencils and pen and ink.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Noah's Ark

I have a few figurines and one wooden set of Noah's Ark. I collect a few that I really like. I took one of them and did just a fun ATC.

When I was working, I didn't let my coworkers know I collected Noah's Ark stuff. I don't like just everything out there that is Noah's Ark. I am trying to be selective and collect just the ones "I just can't live without". I learned the hard way not to buy just every one I see.

When I worked full time, we exchanged gifts for different occasions with the people in our department. Anyone from other departments could also give you gifts. Plus we had several "secret pals". I collected cows and I got just about every thing cow that you can imagine or not imagine. Milk bottles, cement planters, spoons, plates, a kitchen timer, bells, and many other things I didn't even know existed. I had so many stuffed cows of different sizes that it looked like a toy store. One was almost the size of a newborn calf.

Well eventually I needed a corral to keep them in. I finally donated most of them to my Church's huge yard sale. Most of them were just like brand new. I did keep a few that I have over my kitchen sink on a shelf. And I no longer buy cows. Now I just buy art props and even that is way out of control.

I do collect lots of animals among those props. I buy them in twos if I find two that go together. Like for Noah's Ark (two by two). I have enough to have my own little miniature Noah's Ark theme park. So I guess I'm just a collector of anything that strikes my fancy. At least with the stuffed animals and figurines I collect now, I do use them for drawing props. They don't just sit there and collect dust. Well not all the time any way.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Nesting Bird

Here is another of my Warm Weather Cards. 3" x 8" on gold-colored cardstock with colored pencils and a touch of pen and ink.

Lamb Season

I just finished a little piece of art. It's called Lamb Season. Colored pencil and a little Pitt Artist Brush Pen. Size is 3" x 6" on mat board paper (similar to Mi Tienes).

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Virtual Paintout

I finished one picture for the Virtual Paintout. It is from a barn on Tesla Rd., Livermore, CA. (In the San Francisco area of CA). I used colored pencil on blue mat board cut to 5" x 12". The size was cut for a frame I already have.

I have several more photos saved so may have a couple more to show.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Warm Weather Trade Project

On Wetcanvas I have joined yet another ATC Trade Project. Theme for this one is "Warm Weather Trade of Miniatures". Nothing over 24 inches. It can be any size combination as long as the length times the width doesn't go over 24". I liked the idea of 12" x 2" but those wouldn't fit in any envelope I'm willing to pay for. I want to do something that is small enough to fit in at least a legal sized envelope.

I surfed and went over and over in my mind what I should do to for this trade. I wasn't coming up with anything. I know that several will be doing beach scenes.

I saved some bird photos, some baby animals, and some flowers. I did decide to do at least one cactus. I have that one done. Here is Cactus #1. It is colored pencil on mat paper and 3 inches x 6 inches.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Well it is officially my hubby's 60th birthday. Now I can tease him back. He has been rubbing it in that I turned 60 in May. But my joy will be short lived as May is almost here again. I have always told him I had 9 whole months longer to get smart.

He has to work and nothing is planned. In fact I have a funeral to go to with lunch get together after. Then I will go to the market and get a cake. Chicken is ready as I cooked enough for two meals. Then tomorrow night, Bible study starts again. He is having tuna sandwiches for lunch and will probably not be home early. No presents as we stopped that long ago. He wants a new music CD so he will probably pick that out on Saturday just like I picked out and purchased my digital camera for my birthday. At least we are happy with our gifts.

So to Bill, have a Happy Birthday. And I would say may you have 60 more, but that doesn't even sound good on paper. I can only imagine the ailments I would have if I lived 60 more years. Yikes!