Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Well it is officially my hubby's 60th birthday. Now I can tease him back. He has been rubbing it in that I turned 60 in May. But my joy will be short lived as May is almost here again. I have always told him I had 9 whole months longer to get smart.

He has to work and nothing is planned. In fact I have a funeral to go to with lunch get together after. Then I will go to the market and get a cake. Chicken is ready as I cooked enough for two meals. Then tomorrow night, Bible study starts again. He is having tuna sandwiches for lunch and will probably not be home early. No presents as we stopped that long ago. He wants a new music CD so he will probably pick that out on Saturday just like I picked out and purchased my digital camera for my birthday. At least we are happy with our gifts.

So to Bill, have a Happy Birthday. And I would say may you have 60 more, but that doesn't even sound good on paper. I can only imagine the ailments I would have if I lived 60 more years. Yikes!


Donna said...

A very Happy Birthday to Bill!!!!!

Teresa said...

Oops.... I'm a day late (Milton took the day off yesterday and he requested it be pretty much a "no computer" day!) but


from NC!

Joan said...

Wish Bill a belated Happy Birthday from me!!!