Thursday, February 14, 2013

75 Days in Ink

Here are 2 more of my ink sketches.  I only have 9 more to go.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Scavenger Hunt #302

1 hot - candle
2 cold - penguin on skis
3 thick - hippo on towel
4 thin - praying mantis
5 tall - birdhouse
6-short - elephant
7 red - lady bug candle
8 green - rock
9 yellow - rock
10 purple - rabbit in cup
11 blue - cup
12 orange - rock
13 open - zip drive
14 closed - zip drive
15 square - box
16 round - green rock in back
17 quiet - phone that no longer works
18 loud - little truck
19 dry - towel
20 wet - water brush
21 dark - blue rock
22 fast - roadrunner
23 slow - turtle

Watercolor, colored pencil, pen and ink on watercolor paper and about 11x14.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Scavenger Hunt #301 WIP

 I did the graphite sketch, then put some color down first with watercolor paint.  I added some watercolor pencils and regular colored pencils, then went back in with watercolor, colored pencils (both regular and watercolor ones) until I had the result that I wanted.  It's about 11x14 inches in a Strathmore watercolor pad of paper.  I'm out of practice and this didn't turn out just the way I wanted.  But good practice.

Scavenger Hunt #301

This is my next project that is set up on a wooden tv tray and will be sketched from life. 24 of the 26 items for the latest Scavenger Hunt #301.  Plus one of the challenges.  Here is the list:  

Scavenger Hunt #301 - Feb 1-9
something smooth
something bumpy
something squishy
a vehicle
a building
something with a cap or lid
a landscape
a figure Challenge #! - 3 or more figures
a bottle Challenge #2 - Draw it with the lettering on the label
an art tool
a cooking tool
a tool for making repairs
a tool for cleaning
made of plastic
made of glass
made of metal
from your fridge
from your closet
from your kitchen
from you bedroom
man made
Challenge #3 - Do one item (or more) as a continuous line drawing.