Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Inktobeer 2016 - Day 5

Inktober Day 5. Copic pens from 3 of my ceramic animals.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Inktober Challenge

Even though I haven't posted, I have been doing the Inktober challenge. Here are my next 3 days. I'm using various pens. The first one of the flowers are done in Staedler fine line pen.  The flowers are from an oil painting I did many years ago. It was done with a palette knife. 3 and 4 are from ceramic animals I have collected. They are done with Copic pens.

Update on My Eye

My eye is still trying to recover from the problem that happened when the doctor put on a contact "bandage". It has been a month. I can open my eyes now but can't see much. After the contact went on, I had a 20/300 eye sight. Today it was 20/500. But he did say the eye itself is healing and looks pretty good. I guess the "scabbing' is probably making me see less. I go back in a month and during that month, I use one eye drop twice a day. That's better than the 9 drops I have been doing for a month.

Sunday, October 02, 2016


I am participating in the Facebook Inktober challenge.  It is to do a piece of artwork in ink every day in the month of October.  Here is Day 1.  A Walk With Doc.  Photo by Li Newton of her husband Dave and her dog Doc.  This is done with a Staedler Triplus Fineline pen in a cheap sketchbook.