Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's My Blog Anniversary

Woohoo it's the anniversary of my blog.  I started it 6-19-06.  It has been six years.  I don't post quite as often as I did at first but I think I still manage a good number of posts.  I still enjoy posting and sharing.  And I still enjoy the feedback I get from the comments.

So thank you to each person who visits my blog and especially those who share comments.  I appreciate every one of you.

Thank you, Jeanne

Monday, June 18, 2012

EDiJ #18

EDiJ #18 Draw something that may have another name in a different region.  Purse/Handbag/Bag is also called a "poke".  I even Googled it to make sure.  My aunt used to say she "put something in a poke."  And there is a saying "A pig in a poke".  Of course I'd hate to see a poke large enough to hold a pig. 

I have been keeping up with the Every Day in June entries.   I have done 16 of the 18 Black & White ATCs for the trade on Wetcanvas.  And since I don't have enough to do, I signed to do 75 Days Drawing in Pen and Ink.  Any subject and any size.  So far I have done 3 of those.

I am trying to fit anything I do for these projects with the scavenger hunts.  But it has to fit a subject on the list and has to be drawn from life. 

I just finished cleaning several areas on my carpet.  With pets around, there is always something that needs cleaning.  Now I have things like baby gates all over to keep the dogs out of the cleaned areas until they dry.  Not too bright on my part to start this at 5pm.  But with high 90s and triple digits, it doesn't take long for things to dry.  Trying to keep things like the clothes you are wearing dry is the hard part.  I don't move around much during those really hot days.  Good excuse for watching tv and doing artwork.

Friday, June 08, 2012

Plein Air at Deanna's

Last week our plein air group went to Deanna's.  She has a beautiful garden and lots of areas that beckon a painter.  I did most of this graphite there on site and finished darkening and shading at home this week.  I still haven't decided if I want to add color or not. 

 It is my turn to plan the two outings for July and I hope that we can go back to Deanna's again.  I am waiting for her to return my call.  It will be very hot in July but her garden does have a lot of areas with shade.