Friday, September 28, 2012

Dog Portraits

I have been doing some small sized dog portraits for a show.  It will be at a local farmers market and they are having a bunch of dog related vendors.  My dog groomer will be working in a food stand and needed help with another booth she was doing.  So I will be "manning" that one and also showing and hopefully selling some of my little paintings.  I'm also doing some bookmarks related.

The graphite is from a photo by Andy Mathis on Facebook, the chihuahua is from my photo, and the others are from photos from the Wetcanvas RIL.

Here are a few of the dog portraits.

Bye My Bobo

My cockatiel Bozo passed yesterday.  I will miss her talking in the other room and telling me hello or calling "Here kitty kitty kitty".  I can't believe I will never hear her sweet voice again.  Good bye my sweet Bobo.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Mother Love

I just finished this commission for my niece. Unless there is something she doesn't like. She is on the left, her brother on the right, and their mom in the middle.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Ready for the Year to End

I have nothing but medical issues this year. I am ready for them to stop. I just wish one would end before a second one emerges.

I had suffered a horrible allerlgic reaction that left my face looking like I had had a round with a fighter. Then last week I had a fall. Left me with my left side sore. Not sure If I broke a rib but the soreness felt like it. I'm still dealing with that.

I did get a couple of things finished. One was a painting of a friends's granddog. It is a Boston terrier named Max. It was a gift to her to give to her son.

And I am working on a graphite 3-person portrait for my niece. It will be a gift to her mom for her retirement. It is my niece and her brother each kissing their mom on the cheeks. I haven't worked on it since my fall but hopefully I can get back to it soon.