Sunday, September 09, 2012

Ready for the Year to End

I have nothing but medical issues this year. I am ready for them to stop. I just wish one would end before a second one emerges.

I had suffered a horrible allerlgic reaction that left my face looking like I had had a round with a fighter. Then last week I had a fall. Left me with my left side sore. Not sure If I broke a rib but the soreness felt like it. I'm still dealing with that.

I did get a couple of things finished. One was a painting of a friends's granddog. It is a Boston terrier named Max. It was a gift to her to give to her son.

And I am working on a graphite 3-person portrait for my niece. It will be a gift to her mom for her retirement. It is my niece and her brother each kissing their mom on the cheeks. I haven't worked on it since my fall but hopefully I can get back to it soon.

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