Saturday, April 30, 2011

Two New Birds Have Arrived

Two more of my water birds have made it to their new homes. A Slimbridge Duck and a Saddle-billed Stork. Both done in watercolor, watercolor pencil, pen and ink, and maybe a touch of white conte pencil. Both are 4x6 inches in size.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday.

Photos from my raised flowerbed in my back yard taken with my new camera. Click to see larger photo. (Original size of each is 5.92MB 4320 x 3240 Pixels. I like my camera but they wouldn't upload that large). The plants are Geraniums and the bird is a Dove sitting in my dead apricot tree.

I spent a quiet day at home. I worked on two more cards for the water trade so they will go out tomorrow. That leaves me 7 more to do I think. But another trade (May) starts on Drawspace and of course I'm signed up. They are really small trades now. But the theme is Budgie Birds or around here we call them parakeets. I had one that died just a few months ago named Freebie.

I still have to finish up my Art House journal and get it in the mail. May 1st will be here before you know it. Then it won't be long before my birthday, and along comes June when my blog anniversary will happen.

Tomorrow begins a new week. Our art group goes to an artists garden a few miles to another town. I have been there twice before and it's beautiful. She had the best poppies and poppy pods. Plus some little still life-like scenes scattered around many other gorgeous plants. She designed it and she and her husband did the whole area by themselves. And she is such a gracious hostess when we visit. I'm looking forward to it.

As far as I know I don't have any other plans except buy some groceries. I am trying to keep my car trips at a minimum and do everything at once since the price of gas is so high. The last time I looked it was around $5.25 a gallon. Takes me $40 to put 3/4 tank of gas in my car and it keeps rising.

Have a nice evening.

Friday, April 22, 2011

More "Water" ATC Cards Soon

I completed 5 "Water" trading cards and mailed them this week. As soon as they are received by their new owners, I will post them. All are sea birds and postcard size on watercolor paper.

I have also been working in my Art House Co-op Journal book. It is supposed to be mailed by May 1st. I still have a few pages left to do, but I am slowly getting there. I may have to find the glue and glue some pages together if I don't get busy.

I joined the newest project from Art House Co-op last night. It's for 2012 and I have plenty of time for this one. I chose my topic or theme, paid for my book, and now waiting for it to arrive.

The theme I chose for this one is "I Remember You". I plan to do portraits. People and animals. They said on the website that they listened to participants and have better books this time with thicker pages. Thankfully no more tissue thin paper with bleed thru.

I haven't decided for sure, but I may decide to do this one in graphite. I miss graphite. I do know for this one I won't be using watercolor. Depending on the paper, I might use graphite on some and colored pencils on some.

Hopefully I will get my new completed pages of the Art House journal scanned so that I can post them on here.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

2nd "Water" Card

This is the second card for my Water Project. Watercolor, watercolor pencil, pen and ink. This one is headed to Texas.

Water ATC Trade at Wetcanvas

We got the address list for the Water ATC trade. I finished one card, a swan, and sent it off to Canada. I plan to do some waterbirds on this trade. Not sure if they will all be waterbirds but some will be. This one is postcard size and done with watercolor, watercolor cps, and pen and ink from a reference in Wetcanvas' RIL>

Thursday, April 07, 2011

And More Art House Co-op Pages

New Pages from Journal

I have done a few more pages in my Art House Co-op journal.

Drawspace ATC Trade for April

The April trade at Drawspace had only 4 people again. I got the address list yesterday and did my 3 cards last night. The theme was "As Time Goes By". Now I only have the Wetcanvas trade to work on. Theme is "Water".