Thursday, February 04, 2016

Original Art Cards For Sale

I am going to be doing some art cards and offer them for sale.  I will also add a Paypal button on here.  They will also be shown on my Facebook Art Page which I will add to the list on the right.  Each will be listed for $10 each.  All originals. 

February ATC Trade

These are my Feb cards. My pets. The scrub jay is one who adopted me for about a year. He would follow me from front to back yard talking up a storm. He would sit by the window when I went inside and talk thru the screen. I thought he was going to follow me into the house one day. He followed my car into the carport once. He was a great companion and I really miss him. Watercolor, touch of colored pencil, and pen.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Scavenger Hunt #438

 I did get 24 of the 26 items for the latest Scavenger Hunt. I did them from first on the list to the last in a row.

Watercolor on a double page of a Strathmore watercolor book 6x9 inches.
 A closer view.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Scavenger Hunt #437

Ok. Since I missed posting the hunt list, I figure I should at least do some sketching. You know me...I like to do a still life with many of the items. 9x12 inch watercolor paper. Watercolors and pen.
#1 salt shaker - red box with purple bow (recent purchase)
#2 pepper shaker - small cow
#3 glass - purple jar
#4 sharpener - red in front of fabric cow
#5 fabric - cow
#6 blue cup
#7 red radish butter spreader
#8 green pea pod butter spreader
#9 orange - tomato butter spreader
#10 yellow corn butter spreader
butter spreaders were also recent purchase
#11 sleeve on man with hat
#12 hem on man with suit (both men recent purchase...all purchased at Goodwill store)
#13 wooden bird house
#14 metal - weight that was used on a postage scale at a post office
#15 brush standing in cup
#16 eraser - standing next to the brush

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Google Street People

I have been saving pictures of people on the Google street view travels.  I have been drawing and painting various people in a long watercolor book.  These people were all found on streets in Scotland.


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Virtual Paintout for December

This month the Virtual Paintout is in Ecuador.  I found 3 interesting photos and did two of them.  The first one is a building and done in Uniball pen.. It is about 5x7 inches on sketchbook paper.

The second one is two ladies standing with umbrellas chatting.  It is done in colored pencil,  about 5x7, and again on sketchbook paper.

I did one painting last month and just barely finished and emailed it before the end of the month.  It didn't get added as I forgot to send the picture file and by the time I realized it, the month was over.  

I'm allowed to do one more and may get another done in the next two days.

Friday, December 11, 2015


My mom finally got to go home.  I will still need to help out but at least both my parents are in the same house now.  Mom is doing pretty good.  She is in a wheelchair but able to get into the kitchen and around in the living room.  

I got some more bad news though today.  I have Shingles in my eye.  Who knew you could get them there.  I will be taking meds and eye drops again.  I guess my antibodies just got way too depleted while I was caring and going back and forth between my parents.  Hopefully we caught it before anything major happens to my eye.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Update on Mom

My mom had to go back for surgery to have a wound vac put on her surgery area.  She will have that removed on the 24th.  Then I have no idea when she will get to go home.    May still have a long haul to get thru.  My nephew has a cold now (I had one for a week). and can't go around them so I have dad here with me tonight.  We are up right now and he's talking up a storm.  

We went to bed way too early and have been up twice tonight.  As it's only just after midnight, we may be up a few more times.  

I did finish my Christmas cards for the Christmas card exchange on Wetcanvas.    The cards are in the envelopes and addressed with stamps.  Ready to go.