Saturday, July 19, 2014

Denny (Alan) and Me.

This was my cousin Denny (that's the name he went by then and now he uses his real first name of Alan.  I still can't call him that.  he will always be Denny to me.

My family and his family lived in apartments that were owned by his grandparents who were my Aunt Minnie and Uncle Cecil.  Minnie was my dad's older sister.  She lived just short of her 96th birthday.  I was always very close to them.

I was about 3 and Denny about 6 in this photo (Probably 1952).  We had baby brothers that were born only a few days apart.

The next photo is my dad and his youngest brother.   The date was probably around 1954/1955.  I had a second brother by then.  My uncle died young from complications from Diabetes.  My dad is still alive today at 87 yrs old.  And quite a few pounds heavier. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Racket-Tailed Roller.

I just finished this for the Weekly Drawing Event on Wetcanvas. It is 9x12 watercolor paper with watercolors, colored pencils, and pen. Image provided by Lucylove. The bird is a Rack
et-Tailed Roller.

Grandpa and Jacob

Here is a painting I did of a friend's husband and grandson.  The boy just turned 16.  And my friend said her husband doesn't have that much hair now.  lol

On watercolor journaling paper in watercolors, colored pencils, and pen.  About 9x12 inches.

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Nothing New

Nothing new going on here.  Not doing any art.  My mom who had surgery is doing better.  It's so hot in Bakersfield this week.  Triple digits all week.  Very uncomfortable.  Just glad there is not much humidity here.   

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Catching Up

Well I see that I have been lax.  I even missed posting on my birthday.

On May 21, I turned 65.  I have been waiting for 4 years to turn 65 so that I could gt on Medicare.  I haven't had health insurance since my husband passed away.  As of May 1st, I now have Medicare.  As well as the title of official old lady.  And oh my/yikes I am only 5 years away from 70.  Not sure how I will handle that one.  So far age 35 bothered me the most.  

On my 35th birthday, I felt like I had lost at least half my energy.  And sadly it never came back.  Bill laughed and said it was only one day.  When he turned 35 nine months later, he felt the same.  I think his sister said she cried all day the day she turned 30.  I guess it hits everyone at different ages.

It's funny how most of our lives we are waiting for a certain time to reach us.  As a toddler, we couldn't wait to be a big kid and turn 5.  That seemed like a magical age.  Then we couldn't wait to be teens.  After that 18 and out of school so we could be our own boss.  Then at 21,  we could legally drink.  At about 25 or so , our car insurance stopped being so expensive.  After that I don't remember any time I wanted to be a different age until 65. 

I haven't really been doing any artwork.  I guess I am going thru yet another slump.  That too shall pass.  I just have to wait it out.  

Thru Facebook I reconnected with several ladies I went to school with in another town during part of 6th and all of 7th grade.  One doesn't have a computer but the others connected me to her thru phones.  I had lunch with two of them separately and then last Saturday the same two had lunch with me again.  It was nice to be together and have lunch and get to travel down memory lane.  I had a wonderful time and we plan to make it a monthly habit.  Facebook is wonderful for keeping people in touch and also for getting people reconnected. 

Well thanks to all my followers.  I hope I don't keep you waiting too much.  I will try to post more often and thanks for hanging in there.  At least I hope you are still there.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Duck Duck Finished

Duck, Duck

Here's a new piece I'm working on.  Scrapbooking paper again with colored pencil, graphite, and pen.  Photo courtesy of Photographer Anne Kelly from Facebook and used with permission.  She takes some wonderful photos, and I have used several for my artwork.  The paper is about 8x10 inches.

Monday, May 12, 2014

"Harey" the hare

I did this for the Weekend Drawing Event for Wetcanvas for May 9, 2014.  I picked a photo of a beautiful hare.  This is done on watercolor paper, with watercolor, colored pencil, and pen.  The paper is 9x12 inches.  The paper is in a journal sketchbook like the ones Cathy Johnson uses.

My mom had a cyst removed from her shoulder.  My nephew took her for the procedure and when he dropped her off at home, he needed a break.  I went over and sat with her for a couple hours and started this piece.  I finished it at home tonight.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Precious Gift From God

I just watched a video that was posted on Facebook.  I cried all the way thru it and still crying.  It was just so touching.  What started it all was FB deleted a photo the mother posted of her newborn who was born without part of his brain/head,  When she reposted it, she was banned from FB. Not sure if the ban was permanent or short term but it shouldn't have been banned at all.

Here is the video.