Friday, July 21, 2017

About Time

Well it's about time I posted.  I have not been feeling great.  Nothing specific, just no energy, regular old-age aches and pains.  It sucks to get old but it's better than dead.  That's what I always say.  At least so far. 

I ave not done a lot of art.  I have done a couple of ATCs for trade.  And a bookmark for trade.  I have a few things started but I seem to have no "want to" to finish any of them. 

This week, I did trace off a photo of my passed dog Friday.  I hope to start that this weekend.  I need to get in gear and get my mojo back. 

Last week was I had errands all week which makes it hard for  me.  I end up on cruthes for the evening

Last Sunday we had a dinner at my nephews for my parent's 69th anniversary  It was a nice evening and I got to be with my special babies.  My nephew's 2 yr old sone and 8 yr old daughter.  Highlights of my life.

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