Saturday, July 30, 2011

ATC Animal Trade

I signed up for the new project on Wetcanvas with the theme of Animals. I have worked on and finished 3 today. If all the spots are filled, there will be 19 for me to do. I don't really have a plan on what I want to do. I did print off some photos but whether I use them, will depend on what mood strikes me. I have done one bird, one giraffe, and one ceramic rooster. I am unable to show them as they haven't been sent to the new owners yet. I will post them after they receive them.

My friendly Scrub Jay had not been around for a couple weeks but did finally make an appearance. It was a "touch and go" visit. He came with a friend, said his "ain't" call a few times, then flew away. Just letting me know he was already. So I figure he is having a family.

I worried about his when he first disappeared. I was afraid that he might have gotten too tame and someone hurt him. But after his visit, I feel better. I now know he is ok. And if he doesn't come back, that's fine. At least he came back to let me know he was till around, just busy. And I have a wonderful, sweet memory.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Long Time No Post

I think this is the longest time I have not posted. At least for a long time. I just haven't done any art that I can post. I did one for a wedding gift but I did it from a photo that wasn't mine so I won't post. It was of a tennis star. The couple is going to the tennis open back east on their honeymoon. Now that's a tennis fan.

I joined a new project at Wetcanvas. Theme "Animals". Right up my alley. My favorite subject.

I have been productive. I got some yard work done that had been waiting for several years. Getting rid of junk that was just stacked around. Still have some stuff to toss but I don't have a pickup so can't haul it away. I am in the process of cutting some of it up and putting in the weekly bin. I have to do it a little at a time as I still have weekly trash from the house too.

Yesterday I rearranged the living room furniture so that I could do some art in there. Plus I went to Walmart and Target to find a blender that they advertise on tv. The Magic Bullet. I got one and have been making fruit smoothies. They are delicious and points free. And it gets more fruit in me. Haven't tried a vegetable one yet but plan to eventually.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Fluffy" not Fat

I just finished this one for the Wetcanvas WDE (Weekly Drawing Event). Photos this week were provided by Just Chaos. She lives on a farm in KY, and it is one of her critters. This is done on 150lb Strathmore Watercolor paper in one of those Visual Journals. Watercolor with a little White Conte Pencil for highlights. About 9x12 inch paper.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

High Wire Act

I previously posted some photos of some pairs of dove that like to sit in my dead apricot tree and the wires in my back yard. When my dogs are inside, they sometimes walk around in my backyard. Here is a watercolor painting of one of them. The total size of the painted area is about 5x7 inches.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Painting of Taz

Here is the watercolor painting I did of Taz. I couldn't resist his beautiful face. The watercolor paper it is on is probably 11x14 inches and Arches.