Saturday, July 30, 2011

ATC Animal Trade

I signed up for the new project on Wetcanvas with the theme of Animals. I have worked on and finished 3 today. If all the spots are filled, there will be 19 for me to do. I don't really have a plan on what I want to do. I did print off some photos but whether I use them, will depend on what mood strikes me. I have done one bird, one giraffe, and one ceramic rooster. I am unable to show them as they haven't been sent to the new owners yet. I will post them after they receive them.

My friendly Scrub Jay had not been around for a couple weeks but did finally make an appearance. It was a "touch and go" visit. He came with a friend, said his "ain't" call a few times, then flew away. Just letting me know he was already. So I figure he is having a family.

I worried about his when he first disappeared. I was afraid that he might have gotten too tame and someone hurt him. But after his visit, I feel better. I now know he is ok. And if he doesn't come back, that's fine. At least he came back to let me know he was till around, just busy. And I have a wonderful, sweet memory.

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