Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Long Time No Post

I think this is the longest time I have not posted. At least for a long time. I just haven't done any art that I can post. I did one for a wedding gift but I did it from a photo that wasn't mine so I won't post. It was of a tennis star. The couple is going to the tennis open back east on their honeymoon. Now that's a tennis fan.

I joined a new project at Wetcanvas. Theme "Animals". Right up my alley. My favorite subject.

I have been productive. I got some yard work done that had been waiting for several years. Getting rid of junk that was just stacked around. Still have some stuff to toss but I don't have a pickup so can't haul it away. I am in the process of cutting some of it up and putting in the weekly bin. I have to do it a little at a time as I still have weekly trash from the house too.

Yesterday I rearranged the living room furniture so that I could do some art in there. Plus I went to Walmart and Target to find a blender that they advertise on tv. The Magic Bullet. I got one and have been making fruit smoothies. They are delicious and points free. And it gets more fruit in me. Haven't tried a vegetable one yet but plan to eventually.


Teresa said...

Are you taking up my bad habits of irregular lengthy absences? Tsk, tsk!!

Still waiting for my fruit smoothie to arrive ;-)

Marmsk said...

I think it might leak out of the corners of the envelope!

"JeanneG" said...

I mailed it. The post person drank it. lol

sue said...

I need to get a new blender. David (hubby) blew the last one up making cider from our windfall apples - it wasn't a big one and he severely overloaded it.

I've never made smoothies but its something I'd like to try. I make a lot of soup with our tomatoes and vegetables but don't do much with the fruit (except for naughty stuff like damson gin/damson brandy)!!

Look forward to seeing your artwork soon

Helen Percy Lystra said...

Bad habits we get into -- not posting. I'm guilty too; let's work at changing that habit.