Thursday, April 07, 2011

New Pages from Journal

I have done a few more pages in my Art House Co-op journal.


Teresa said...

Hello Flat Jeanne,

You're educating me. Can't believe I got to be this old and never heard of Flat Stanley? ;-)

Great pages... love the bold purple on the flower. Sounds like it was a good trip.

Michelle Himes said...

Hi Jean! Joan told me about your adding Flat Stanley to your journal, but she didn't tell me about Flat Jeanne. I love it! I did the same as you - when I first heard about Stanley, I researched and loved everything about the concept. :-)
I also wanted to comment about your one year anniversary sketch of your husband, and your beautiful writings about it. I'm coming up on 10 years now at the end of this month, but I certainly remember that one year mark. Sometimes it all feels like it was yesterday, and then sometimes it feels like it was in another lifetime eons ago. I hope you get to that sweet place for your memories.