Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's My Blog Anniversary

Woohoo it's the anniversary of my blog.  I started it 6-19-06.  It has been six years.  I don't post quite as often as I did at first but I think I still manage a good number of posts.  I still enjoy posting and sharing.  And I still enjoy the feedback I get from the comments.

So thank you to each person who visits my blog and especially those who share comments.  I appreciate every one of you.

Thank you, Jeanne


Teresa said...

FINALLY got on the net!!! Aaarrgh!!

Happy Blogiversary... if you hadn't had a blog we wouldn't have met... and I would have missed out on a special friendship. So I'm very glad it's your blog anniversary!

Love you!

Rose Welty said...

Happy day Jeanne! I always smile when I see you have posted. Thanks for years of fun.

Journeyman said...

A six year old! The trouble starts when it’s a teenage Jeanne:)
Congratulations, Dave

sue said...

Happy Anniversary ... or Blogiversary as Teresa so aptly puts it :-)

Marmsk said...

Happy Anniversary! Long may you carry on with it! xx

Joan T said...

Happy Blog Anniversary!!! Yeah for you! It is always a treat to see your postings. Way to go!!!