Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wetcanvas Will Be Down

It has been posted that Wetcanvas will be down (Wetcanvas will be down for hardware migration from 2/26 to 3/1.

I didn't see the actual post from Wetcanvas but saw this in the Scavenger Hunt Forum area. We are hoping the next hunt will be posted early so we will have it thru the weekend. Also I noticed that the Wetcanvas WDE will be started for next week on Wednesday so everyone can save their photos and have them for painting over the weekend.

Of course we will all miss the site while it is down but at least we know ahead of time and when it is supposed to be back up. Now if we just had the exact time...are we spoiled or what?

Oh Yeah. Don't forget Sketchcrawl #26 is Saturday the 27th. I hope everyone can manage a few sketches.

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