Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Sweet Friday

I started a picture of Friday tonight. I probably have less than 2 hours on her as I went right in with the colored pencil after I got the first eye sketched in. I'm just sketching as I need the area. I plan to do several pictures of her. We still miss her so much and each picture I do helps my hubby in his grief. I have so many photos of her that I just want to draw.

She was such a gentle dog. My nephew and mom wouldn't agree. They said she snapped at my mom as they came inside the gate one day. I know that she was at the gate and I was in a back room of the house and that they were entering her territory. Maybe that was the reason. Also she knew that my nephew didn't like her and he was behind my mom and maybe she felt threatened by him. But to us she was such a gentle loving dog and hated to be scolded. It just about broke her heart if we were mad at her. She lived to please us.

As with our other two dogs who passed in the last few years, we will be having an acrylic painting done of her. We have a painter whose work we just love and she will be doing this one. She has done two others for us. Both are just gorgeous. Her name is Jody.

Jody who lives in Tennessee can be found in the Wetcanvas Forum as jody007 in the Animal and Wildlife area. She is so good with animal portraits. My husband says her paintings bring the eyes of our pets alive once again for him. He wouldn't want anyone else to do them.

Just recently on the Animal and Wildlife Forum of Wetcanvas Jody post a thread with a question. She was wondering if anyone had ever offered a free painting and had it turned down. Well she just had that experience and it left her shaken in her ability. The person didn't just say he didn't want it, he said "he wouldn't have that crap on his walls". Kind of a harsh statement to anyone especially as he had just lost everything due to a fire and was wanting some stuff to put on his walls. She drove the painting to him and offered it matted and framed for free. It was a horse portrait. A very nice one.

As I expected from other artists, there have been 1299 views to that post and so far 84 replies. Everyone of them totally floored that someone would be so rude. Several had noted that Jody hadn't been painting and posting for a bit and that is why. I hate that someone has that much control over our confidence or happiness or whatever you want to call it. My mama raised me that you don't say things to people like that. I was taught to thank or no thank you someone who offered something to me. Never would I make someone feel that they were wrong in doing something so kind.

There were a couple repliers who had similar "put downs" and that is such a shame. All artists need encouragement and maybe gentle guidance, but never deserve to be treated like that. Ok rant over.


studio lolo said...

I've been seeing you on a few blogs that I follow so I thought I'd pop over! I can see that you're an avid animal lover~a plus in my eyes :)

I've been a veterinary technician for 36 years, now 'retired' but using my skills as a visiting pet nurse. It's beyond rewarding.
I'm so sorry for the recent losses you've endured. I know how awful and hopeless lymphoma is.

As an artist commenting now, I love the way Friday's portrait looks even as is. Was he/she a Golden Ret? Such gentle eyes. (I always paint the eyes first and let them guide me.)

I'm going to pay Jody a visit too. My God, what are people thinking when they blurt things out like that? I understand this man had hidden anger from losing everything, but you don't lash out at everyone as if they burned your house down. Some folks don't know how to be humble. I hate to say this but he may be like that anyway and karma finally bit him in the backside. Still, you never like to hear of people losing everything. I hope he didn't have pets inside. (I can't help always thinking about that!)

I'm going to nose around a bit before I leave. It was nice stopping by ;)


ArtistUnplugged said...

So sorry that somehow I missed seeing the news about Friday...sorry. It looks as if he was a Golden Retriever, sweet dogs but can be a little territorial, we have had two and one of them was pretty bad about that. These eyes are so full of feeling....good job. I don't know how long you had Friday, but it really can take a while to get over that loss, I know. About your artist friend, Jody, what a mean piece of crap to turn down the painting in such a hurtful and uncalled for manner!!!! Won't deny that it wouldn't bother me too, for someone to say such a thing. Thinking of you.....

Lara Harris said...

How sad about your friend...I have had a couple giveaways in the past where the winner never went thru with getting a portrait done, so bizarre when you think it is free, but I figured oh well.
On another note:
I wanted to let you know I have 2 more issues of Flea Market Style that I am giving away on my blog if you wanted to enter again :) :

Lara :)

Teresa said...

You've started a beautiful portrait here... and captured her gentleness through her eyes.

Re: Jody - I'm shocked that anyone would be so callous and insensitive. His loss.