Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Noah's Ark

I have a few figurines and one wooden set of Noah's Ark. I collect a few that I really like. I took one of them and did just a fun ATC.

When I was working, I didn't let my coworkers know I collected Noah's Ark stuff. I don't like just everything out there that is Noah's Ark. I am trying to be selective and collect just the ones "I just can't live without". I learned the hard way not to buy just every one I see.

When I worked full time, we exchanged gifts for different occasions with the people in our department. Anyone from other departments could also give you gifts. Plus we had several "secret pals". I collected cows and I got just about every thing cow that you can imagine or not imagine. Milk bottles, cement planters, spoons, plates, a kitchen timer, bells, and many other things I didn't even know existed. I had so many stuffed cows of different sizes that it looked like a toy store. One was almost the size of a newborn calf.

Well eventually I needed a corral to keep them in. I finally donated most of them to my Church's huge yard sale. Most of them were just like brand new. I did keep a few that I have over my kitchen sink on a shelf. And I no longer buy cows. Now I just buy art props and even that is way out of control.

I do collect lots of animals among those props. I buy them in twos if I find two that go together. Like for Noah's Ark (two by two). I have enough to have my own little miniature Noah's Ark theme park. So I guess I'm just a collector of anything that strikes my fancy. At least with the stuffed animals and figurines I collect now, I do use them for drawing props. They don't just sit there and collect dust. Well not all the time any way.


ArtistUnplugged said...

This is so awesome! I also loved your piece in the previous post, lovely!

Teresa said...

Jeanne, this is too cute! I LOVE the way the little pigs and sheep are vying for space at the porthole to look out... and the elephants waving their trunks while the giraffes look in opposite directions.

Good job! You should think about book illustration.

Donna said...

Jean, you sure can tell a story. You make the average seem colorful and always something I can relate to! I think that I am a collectaholic, yet, I am very particular about each piece. Mostly, I collect vases. When I select a vase I always consider how I can use it in a still life, as well as how I can arrange flowers from my garden in it.