Friday, February 05, 2010

Warm Weather Trade Project

On Wetcanvas I have joined yet another ATC Trade Project. Theme for this one is "Warm Weather Trade of Miniatures". Nothing over 24 inches. It can be any size combination as long as the length times the width doesn't go over 24". I liked the idea of 12" x 2" but those wouldn't fit in any envelope I'm willing to pay for. I want to do something that is small enough to fit in at least a legal sized envelope.

I surfed and went over and over in my mind what I should do to for this trade. I wasn't coming up with anything. I know that several will be doing beach scenes.

I saved some bird photos, some baby animals, and some flowers. I did decide to do at least one cactus. I have that one done. Here is Cactus #1. It is colored pencil on mat paper and 3 inches x 6 inches.


Desiree said...

Youre so good at those ATC exchanges. I just can't find the time anymore, I have a few of your mini masterpieces!! I love them

Joan said...

Super job on the cacti!!! I agree with you about the sizes. I'm going to make sure whatever I do fits into a legal sized envelope. I haven't even given a thought to what I'll be doing yet. I need to finish up my last few alternate cards.

Teresa said...

It looks great! Love the lively green against the blue background. More cacti please!!