Thursday, January 28, 2016

Scavenger Hunt #437

Ok. Since I missed posting the hunt list, I figure I should at least do some sketching. You know me...I like to do a still life with many of the items. 9x12 inch watercolor paper. Watercolors and pen.
#1 salt shaker - red box with purple bow (recent purchase)
#2 pepper shaker - small cow
#3 glass - purple jar
#4 sharpener - red in front of fabric cow
#5 fabric - cow
#6 blue cup
#7 red radish butter spreader
#8 green pea pod butter spreader
#9 orange - tomato butter spreader
#10 yellow corn butter spreader
butter spreaders were also recent purchase
#11 sleeve on man with hat
#12 hem on man with suit (both men recent purchase...all purchased at Goodwill store)
#13 wooden bird house
#14 metal - weight that was used on a postage scale at a post office
#15 brush standing in cup
#16 eraser - standing next to the brush

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Google Street People

I have been saving pictures of people on the Google street view travels.  I have been drawing and painting various people in a long watercolor book.  These people were all found on streets in Scotland.