Sunday, June 19, 2011


Here is the latest person in my "People" sketchbook. This is my nephew and niece's niece. This started out as watercolor, then became a mix or mess. It has watercolor pencil, colored pencil, white Conte pencil, and pen. I don't like how I did her eyebrows. Kind of messed them up. Hers are really erratic but the pen made these look too choppy. I should have had more patience with them. But another lesson learned and another "people" accomplished.


Teresa said...

Her features are really great. It's so easy to overdo on eyebrows... I found that out the hard way too :-( Oh well... like you say.... it's a lesson learned along the way.

Joan T said...

I missed the anniversary happy anniversary! I love the people you've been doing. They are hard to do!!!