Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sketchbook Project 2012

I finally started working on my project book for the Art House Co-op. It is due in January. I changed the paper to watercolor so don't have as many pages to fill, but at least I can use watercolor.

My theme is "I Remember You". I am doing celebrity portraits. So far I have Vickie Lawrence as Mama Harper from Mama's Family, Elvis which is not my best but I seem to have trouble with Elvis, and the latest Lucille Ball. I am working on Melissa Gilbert as Laura Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie.

A list of other celebs will/may be Ron Perlman, Cat Stevens as he looks today, Andy Griffith as Matlock, Barney Fife, Shemar Moore, Michael Landon, and maybe even Michael Jackson.

Since I am actually sketching them from scratch using no grids or outline transfers, some look more like their celebs than others. I am not trying to get a carbon copy but just a general likeness. If I make a hit, that is good too. Drawing directly on the watercolor paper is a little harder than smooth paper but I wanted to do the sketches directly to the book.

On the cover I decided to do something different. There is an old song called "I Remember You". I have printed the lyrics out and will fix that to the front cover.

It took me awhile to figure out how I wanted to go with my theme. I'm sure I had an idea when I chose that theme but I am going in a totally different way from my first thought. Now that I have made my decision, it is going smoothly. I have several photos saved and am anxious to get on with the next one.


Joan T said...

This is a great idea for your theme! You have done the Sketchbook Project before haven't you? What did you use as a medium on your cover so it withstands being handled? Did you do anything special to it?

Desiree said...

Hi Jeanne, why don't you have as many pages because you changed to watercolor paper? I have to redo mine too and I havent started on it either AHHH. I am doing spoons and forks! I love yours! It looks just like her!

Teresa said...

You're doing really well with these... especially drawing them freehand. Faces are tough. Love Mama Harper!

I know I'm out of the loop as far as TV (and, truthfully, happy to be that way) but who in the heck is Shemar Moore? Never heard of him/her?

MimiTabby said...

how did you change to watercolor paper? did you actually make a pad with w/c paper?