Sunday, March 25, 2012

Scavenger Hunr #261

I didn't know it had been so long since I posted. I have been having computer problems. I have two older computers and both are slow and having problems. I have photos on each one. I check email on one and websites on the other. Since I can't do both on one, I tend to stay off the computer more. I can also only print on one of them.

Here is Scavenger Hunt #261. I got 17 of the 26 items in the still life. It is on 11x14 watercolor paper and done with watercolors. The new hunt will be posted tomorrow and then I will be setting up a new one.

I did two postcard sized paintings tonight for The Virtual Paintout. Both are street shots with people in them. When I am cruising thru the streets with Google Street Maps, I tend to enjoy looking at the candid shots of the people. I enjoy capturing a spot that maybe no one else sees. I have seen pictures of people in windows that were not apparent until you zoomed in really close.

I was really disappointed in the fact that I found a perfect shot I wanted to paint but because of a glitch in my computer, I lost the area before I got the URL. I did get a photo of the shot with my camera but we can't submit a painting unless we have the URL. It was such a wonderful shot tho.


sue said...

I sympathise Jeanne - having suffered through several months of computer problems (on a fairly new machine). Eventually the Tech Guys resolved the problems by practically rebuilding it!

Great pictures ... I particularly like the unusual aspect of the middle one.

Michelle Himes said...

Been there/done that recently with the computer problems. LOL I am really enjoying your latest scavenger hunt still lifes. I think my favorite is the one you did a couple of weeks ago with the fluffy yellow duck.

Great idea sketching candid people photos from the Google maps.

JacquiP said...

Your scavenger hunt still lifes are always so much fun and so well done. The Virtual Paintout is a great idea. I remember looking at that site a long tme ago, I had completely forgotten about it. I love your candid choices/views.