Wednesday, April 25, 2012

On the Cattle Ranch

Two of my friends live on a cattle ranch and will be retiring soon and moving from the ranch. I thought they might like to have a remembrance of the place they have lived for many years. I took this photo standing in their driveway looking towards the house. She wanted the two oak trees in the photo. My plein air group has been there a couple of times, and for many years I have gone their annually to a BBQ where there are motorhomes, trailers, campers, and tents camped out for 3 days all around the yard. Sometimes 15-20 camping vehicles. The first BBQ I attended had about 85 people. Now there are usually around 50 people in a good year. Those BBQs will also be ending. I will so miss those too. I have met so many new friends there that I only see once a year on that weekend.


sue said...

Isn't it sad when good things come to an end like this - but perhaps the new ranch owners will continue the tradition?

Its a lovely retirement gift for your friends.

Teresa said...

Your painting looks really good. Great colors. Have you given it to the recipient yet?