Monday, March 11, 2013

My Scrub Jay "Ain't"

This little Scrub Jay adopted me one year.  He was always around when I watered the yard each evening.  He would come within about 4 ft of me.  Even tried to follow me inside.    When I would go from the back yard to the front, here he came talking to me the whole time.  He would stay till after dark some days.

The reason I named him Ain't was because it sounded like he was saying that when he called to me.  Even when he was in another yard way up in a tall tree, he would call to me.  When I answered, he would keep calling.  I fell in love with him.  I hear him once in awhile but he doesn't come over any longer. 

I figured he became enamored with a female and once he did come back that next summer and another bird was with him.  So I'm hoping he is still around out there filling the trees with his family.  I really do miss him tho.

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