Friday, January 03, 2014

"Let's Play Ball"

The January ATC trade is themed "Anything Goes". I was ready to do some animals but a lot of people are not comfortable doing animals. I decided to make this trade so that each person could do his/her own theme. We have traders from 9rs-70+ yrs and I wanted to be sure each person could participate and feel comfortable with the theme. I was also ready for some graphite art but that will have to wait for another trade. Here is one of the ATCs that I made for that trade...but I can't part with it. I love dogs and Golden Retrievers especially . I will hold onto this one and make another one for the trade. I gave each person the choice of telling me their favorite animal or their pet and I would do those. But I only found out what 2 traders like. One I already knew. So I did two for specific traders and will do one more, but the others will just have to take whatever animals I decide to do. I have a meerkat, lion, cougar, puppy, and 2 giraffe photos printed off so far. Really enjoying putting pencil and cp to animals again.

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