Saturday, July 19, 2014

Denny (Alan) and Me.

This was my cousin Denny (that's the name he went by then and now he uses his real first name of Alan.  I still can't call him that.  he will always be Denny to me.

My family and his family lived in apartments that were owned by his grandparents who were my Aunt Minnie and Uncle Cecil.  Minnie was my dad's older sister.  She lived just short of her 96th birthday.  I was always very close to them.

I was about 3 and Denny about 6 in this photo (Probably 1952).  We had baby brothers that were born only a few days apart.

The next photo is my dad and his youngest brother.   The date was probably around 1954/1955.  I had a second brother by then.  My uncle died young from complications from Diabetes.  My dad is still alive today at 87 yrs old.  And quite a few pounds heavier. 

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