Tuesday, February 16, 2016

People of Majorca

People of Majorca from Google Street View for the Virtual Paintout for February.  I found an intersection of two streets and panned around to find several different people to paint.  I find people watching very interesting.  One of my favorite places is Costco, a big box place.  And of course Walmart where you never know what you may see and sometimes even wish you could "unsee". 

Watercolors and Pen & Ink on Strathmore Watercolor book 6x9 inches. 

One day I hope to get a sketchbook and fill it with just "every day people".  Some from Google Street View and some from life around town.  I will even label them so that I can see how different or same people from all over the world are.  I already have several "theme specific" books going that should be finished first but life is short and I don't want to miss out doing something I have a desire to put on paper.

Some of the other books I have in progress are:  one on my husband and our life together, a little book that was supposed to be for the Art House library with the theme envelope, and one for the Bakersfield Art Association here in Bakersfield with pages of artwork from different places we have gone for plein air.

The one of husband may never be finished.  It is a little too close to my heart so I don't work on it without some tears.  The art association one has many more pages to fill and I don't participate very often now because of my health.  The envelope one is barely started.  I didn't finish it one the date it needed to be mailed back so now it is just for me.  I had plans to put different situations with an envelope included.  Like a mail slot in a door with mail falling thru onto the floor.  A prairie dog holding one in his front paws,   A Christmas postcard which said "Wish You were Here" in the subject line,  That one is on cheap paper and can only be graphite of the paper tears.  It's a challenge  just with the paper.  But the finding different ideas for the theme has been lots of fun.

Maybe one day they will all be finished.  After all, the women in my family seem to live a long life.  My paternal grandmother and her daughter, my aunt, lived to ages 95 and 96.  and my dad is now 90.   I'm 66 now so I could potentially live another 30 years.  That seems like a scary thing and a good thing.  So maybe I can get all my little books finished.

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