Friday, April 15, 2016

Scavenger Hunt #447

This list is a rerun of #26 I believe.  It was made so that all 26 items could fit into one still life.  It was posted by the lady who started up the scavenger hunts.  Jamie Williams Grossman.  I have put it up at least twice before as I love that I can find all the items and put them into one painting. 

on watercolor paper. First sketched in graphite, then added watercolor base, then inked, then mix of watercolor and colored pencil with more ink.

vase - purple/green bottom
bottle - purple with cork
pitcher - white with apple on front
fruit - banana
stuffed animal - spotted dog
something yellow - plastic chicken
figure - man in suit
brass giraffe
seashell on lower left shelf
favorite rock behind seashell
books on top
box - white box lower right cubby hole
a tin - tiny altoids tin
bowl - blue under chick
copper object - cut on top of altoid tin
silver object - tiny salt shaker in copper cup
flowerpot - orange pot
flower - poppy pod on bottom
leaves/ greanery - on top in white pot
plate - tiny plate under orange pot
cup - multicolored in top right cubby
musical instrument - plastic trumpet
wooden object - paint brush handle on top
drinking glass - blue on left side.

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