Saturday, July 09, 2016

Day 9: Graycie ‪#‎WorldWatercolorMonth

Day 9 - Graycie. ‪#‎WorldWatercolorMonth‬. Photo by Andy Mathis. Graycie came to him a "broken" girl and with his patience, love, and care, she is becoming a much better dog. 

 I started this last night and had a little trouble getting it finished. Several people know that I have shingles in my right eye which causes me to have 20/100 eyesight in that eye. I have been fighting it since mid December. Unlike other shingles, this one doesn't usually itch or hurt. Today it felt like there was something in my eye and I have been rubbing it a lot and it has been weeping. Hopefully it will get back to my normal soon

Watercolors and a little pen on watercolor paper in a 5x7 Strathmore Journal.

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