Sunday, November 02, 2008

Scavenger Hunt #107

I am host on the Scavenger Hunt for #107. I decided to revisit one of the old scavenger hunt lists. It was #26 and was hosted By JamieWG. You can see her site by clicking her name on my links list.

She also had a challenge that went with the list. It was to take all 26 items on the list, make a still life, sketch it, and then add color. That hunt list and challenge have been my favorites. I wanted to do it again. In fact I have already "hunted" my items, arranged my still life and sketched it, and started to add some color. All that just tonight...well it is morning...2AM.

I hope some of the other hunters will try the challenge. I remember how daunting it seemed to me back then. But I decided to jump in with both feet and give it a try. This time it didn't scare me a bit. I had fun choosing different items this time, and arranging all the things into a pleasing still life is challenging by itself. I also changed to a portrait view. Last time was landscape view.

I'm finished with the rose bud, the mini Altoids tin, and the mini staple box under it. Also the measuring cup and toy rolling pin. Oh and the bottom book. The others just have some color blocked in.

I didn't take a photo of the sketches and my scanner didn't do a very good job. My best scanner is not working and so far I have not been able to figure out the problem. So these are poor scans.

The first is a photo of my still life (I am not working from the photo). The second is my finished sketch, and the third is after some color is added. I did change a couple items from the photo to the sketch. As I have done so much just tonight, looks like I may finally finish a hunt. It's been a long dry spell for me.

The List:
  • shelves or cabinet
  • vase
  • bottle
  • pitcher
  • fruit
  • stuffed animal
  • something yellow
  • figure (doll or sculpture)
  • clock, hourglass or timer
  • brass or gold object
  • seashell
  • favorite gemstone or rock
  • books
  • box (can be small/decorative)
  • a tin (Altoids, cookie tin, etc.)
  • bowl
  • copper object
  • silver object
  • flowerpot
  • flower
  • leaves/greenery
  • plate
  • cup
  • musical instrument (real, decorative, or mini)
  • wooden object
  • drinking glass


Tresses Art Blog said...

Interesting idea Jeanne and it's coming along nicely.

Beamer said...

I don't know if you have a macro setting on your camera, but you could use that if you want to get your images into a digital image. There is also Target or Walmart or other places with very high quality Scanners available for scanning Images to a digtal format. Just some thing to think about.

Excellent drawings again. I love the colors.