Monday, November 03, 2008

Still Life Finished

Well I just finished. I have been working on it for several hours.

Top of shelf 1-5

measuring cup
mini rolling pin
something yellow
colorful rocks in bowl

next shelf 6-9
fruit - apple and plum
silver fake ring
box of staples
tin box of Altoids
left bottom shelf 10
bottle of Primo Cologne
Right top 11-12

Bottom 13-14

something brass or gold - hubby's grandfather's bronzed baby shoe

right side back to front 15-19 paint brush was extra

musical instrument
drinking glass
stuffed animal
pitcher - gravy boat

left side back to front 20-25
flower pot
plate - cheese plate I bought at Goodwill

Red shelf 26

I was sitting with a different view than when I took the photo of the set up. I'm pretty happy with it except the front items I lost the perspective. The don't look like they are laying flat. But over all I am satisfied.


Robyn said...

I do love this one, Jeanne. I wouldn't worry about the perspective - it just makes the picture more painterly.

Joan said...

Jeanne - This came out great!!! There are so many treasures in this who would notice any perspecive problems...definitely not me. Thanks for giving this challenge another life! I'm having fun with mine.

Teresa said...

This is GREAT!!!!! So fun and colorful... I love it!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Great to see your recent scavenger hunt works and the lovely wedding photo from the 70's. It'll be our 50th wedding anniversary next summer - I was a child bride of course!!! We loved the 70's era together.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Me again! Meant to respond to your query in my post re my Spread Eagle Inn project paintings. I actually visited the premises and saw the decor, then offered the owners pieces I already had that would fit the colour schemes. I did not have anything suitable for the fifth suite, so was commissioned to create the two purple ones I linked to the patterns in the cushions and the lampshades and bed. As I responded so late, thought it best to comment on your own blog. Thanks for your interest and support in my work.

Jean said...

this is really have learned so much about perspective over the past few years!

Ai said...

Jeanne, these items are so well put together and so well drawn. They are so charming grouping. I love the perspective on the red shelf too.