Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mill Creek

The art group went to a local park that has just been renovated. I'm not sure I really like the "new" park. I miss the old shady trees that were there. Plus they aren't finished yet. They are going to put the county building on the same grounds. I thought it was a shame to take away all the old trees and put a building in but they didn't ask my opinion.

Here are a few photos of the park and some of the birds who live there. At least the ducks seem to like the new pond. Before there was just a canal there where they could swim. Now it's like they have a lake and they really use it.

In fact the one duck with the ugly red bumpy face took off and circled the whole park and landed back in the water. I guess he couldn't have done that if there were more trees in the way. What I found unusual was that there was only one baby in the water. Usually you see a whole trail of little ones behind a mom. But the little guy was the only one and none of the other birds seemed to have any babies.

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