Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lunch Date

I had a lunch date yesterday with a friend. We also threw in some shopping which is always a good thing.

My Dizzy had chewed (unstuffed) my quilted mattress pad and I found one at the store we were browsing. Also ran into a bin of stuffed critters and you know me and stuffed critters. I found this little bulldog. The stuffed one has a top hat but I left that out. His face was so adorable I couldn't leave him to pine away at the store.

Then we hit the Goodwill. Well I almost always find something there to use as a model. I found 3 little salt shakers. Not in pairs but just single shakers. I can always use new salt shakers for the scavenger hunts.

Just a little add on to my message. After I posted this, I found my .08 Helix fine line marker on the carpet in the living room chewed up. There was an ink filled felt type wick from it that she had been chewing. What a mess. Dog and carpet. I dumped her in the bathroom sink (not too carefully either) and proceeded to wash her beard, face, and legs. I think I got most of it off. And to top it all off, the pens come in a set and can't replace just one.

Then on to the carpet. Well it had soaked in pretty good. I don't bend at the knees or ankles much so had to stand, bend at the waist, and head hanging down with blood rushing to it, cleaned the mess. Lightheaded afterwords, I could have throttled the little monster. She had better be glad that I love her.


Teresa said...

And, ah, is Miss Dizzy in good health? Didn't know after those threats. LOL!! Sorry, but had to laugh when I read your post.

So glad to see you back making art again.... perhaps Dizzy has an artistic streak and that's why she was after your Helix pen ;-)

Dors said...

Oh dear what a disaster.. Hope Miss Dizzy doesn't get sick from the ink.

After having such a great lunch and shopping too. Flad you got some bargains. I love a bargain.

Love the drawing. so cue.

Jo Castillo said...

Ooooouuuu. The urge to ........ Glad you are both OK! :)

Marmsk said...

Oh, Jeanne, love the blog, but I have to say my little dog will pick up things off the floor. She will sneak off to investigate if I don't see her. Otherwise she has learned to pick up and put in my hand. A fetching little character!

Jan said...

Darling painting, Jeanne! As for your little Dizzy - don't you wish you could spank them like children or at least ground them for two weeks or something!

CiCi left me a prize on the floor yesterday when I had to go out without her - good thing I had put her in the bathroom with a gate at the door! Yes, it's a good thing that we love them!