Wednesday, January 12, 2011

ATC Trade Project

I finally have two finished for my Old Master's Trade Project. I did crops of two portraits. One by Raphael and one by Degas. It was nice to just get started.

I missed Bible study tonight as I was having so much pain from my ankle being sore. I guess there are repercussions from hibernating in my house during the bad weather. I need to keep my ankle working some but not overdue it. Not using it at all made it very painful doing errands on Monday. Too much use causes me to have to use a crutch. It is just something I just have to live with. Most of the time it's bearable. Until I overdue it.

Well since it is 3 am, I guess I should go to bed. Will probably read a little and hopefully it will make me sleepy.

1 comment:

sue said...

I hope your ankle pain eases soon ...
It is difficult to get enough exercise in the Winter months isn't it - we do far less walking and my weight shoots up at this time of year

Well done for getting started on the new project though