Monday, January 10, 2011

Start of a New Week

A new week and quite a few days of this month are already gone. They sure do pass fast. Before you know it, Christmas will be rolling around again.

My Moleskine is now on its way to the Art House Co-op to be entered into a permanent Art book library. Thousands of little sketchbooks available for checking out like a regular library.

I signed up to be notified every time my little book might be checked out. There is a bar code on each book and any activity of the book will be recorded and sent to me by email. Wouldn't it be wonderful to live close enough to go there and browse. Or maybe it's better I live too far away. I could probably spend a huge amount of time in there.

Now on to my ATC project of Old Masters. I am going to be doing portraits. I finally started one tonight.


Katherine Thomas said...

Congratulations on getting the sketchbook mailed! I sent mine off too! Now onward to other projects! Have a great week!

sue said...

You certainly have a very active artist community in the US ... the sketchbook project sounded fun (even if there was a mini panic to get finished in time) :o)

Teresa said...

That's such a neat thing to do. To have your drawings where people can check them out and look at them. So cool!