Friday, August 19, 2011

Animal ATC Trade

When I first started the animal trade, I worked and finished 5 cards right away. Then before I could get them mailed, one was missing. I never did find it but I have my suspicions that my Mini Schnauzer Dizzy ate it.

Dizzy likes to eat paper. In fact she sits and waits for the envelopes from the mail. If I am cutting paper for the cards, she is sitting there waiting for the scraps to fall. She chews the paper and even eats it. So I figured odds are that my goat ( ate the card.

Well fast forward to the card I did last night. It was from a photo I took of a dove sitting on a wire in my back yard. I felt like I finally got it just right and put it on a table with the envelope waiting until I scanned it.

I went to the computer to check email. When I went back to the living room, I happened to see the envelope on the floor. Panic attack..."oh no where is my card?" I jumped up and there was paper sitting in front of Dizzy. It was my card. All mangled. A little of the watercolor paint missing. The lower half of the card bent and crumpled. I grabbed it and put it in my Moleskine sketch book with a heavy tape dispenser on top for weight hoping I could save the card.

Well the card is in one piece. No holes from teeth. Still a little crinkly but still nice enough so I mailed it today. The only thing it did was make the wing look more 3-D. I hope the recipient doesn't mind that she got a special card that my Dizzy helped me prepare. A one-of-a-kind (hopefully).


Robyn Sinclair said...

That's a funny story if it's not one's own work that Daisy is eating, Jeanne. I wonder what it is in the paper she likes - starch? Maybe if you cook her some rice. Dermott loves brown rice with vegetables.

Anyway, you dove still looks beautiful and you've made a lot of people smile today. :)

Teresa said...

What's that saying about "saved by the skin of the teeth"? LOL!

Looks great anyway!

Heather said...

Ha ha, Dizzy is a crazy doggie! Glad it all worked out :-P Love the painting!