Saturday, September 17, 2011

Almost Bye-Bye September

I can't believe how fast this month is flying past. And like magic, Christmas is just over the horizon. It seems that only days ago it was January and I was teasing people that Christmas would be here before you know it. And here we are.

I have bought one Christmas present so far. No surprise who the recipient is. My Grandniece Kylie. So much fun to buy for a 2 year old. At this age they still like just about anything they get. the gift cards will start when she gets hooked on brand name items. I'll let her parents pay for those.

Kylie's dad was easy to buy for when he was small. He like me loved looking at office supply stuff. so I would just buy him a lot of stuff like that and wrap each separately. He didn't really care what was in the packages as long as there were a lot of them. I gave him a choice early on whether he wanted one big present or a lot of little ones. He chose the many little ones. Now he gets gift cards as I have no idea what he wants.

I did one ATC for the new Still life trade on Wetcanvas but can't show it yet. The trade is still signing up people and hasn't really started yet. I just happened to need a scavenger hunt item that fit in with the theme of the project. So no artwork to show today.

Here is a photo of my 3 dogs standing "guard" in the front yard. From left to right: Jo, Dizzy, and Penny.

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sue said...

Oh Jeanne how could you?????

I don't even want to think about Christmas yet .... let alone buying gifts and organising the family meals/visits etc.

I'm just going to hibernate for Winter I think!