Monday, September 12, 2011

Jazzy (Jazz)

My neighbor/friend's dog Jazzy passed away about a week ago. They don't know what was wrong; just found her dead in the yard. I will miss her very much. She would lie on the side of their storage building and watch my dogs play.

She was someone's throw-away puppy. She was about 6-8 weeks old and abandoned out in the foothills. Left to die or be eaten by coyotes. Some people are so cruel to leave an innocent little puppy all alone like that.

My dog groomer who is also a neighbor and her husband found the dog and brought her home. They gave her to the other couple. It was the weekend of their wedding anniversary and they had reservations at the coast they didn't want to lose. So Kathy asked if I would babysat.

I had Jazzy from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon. She loved it here with my two dogs. One of mine wasn't so happy and spent the whole weekend running from a very playful puppy.

After that, if Jazzy happened to get out of her yard, here she came to my house. I can't even remember how many times I had to call Kathy to come get Jazzy. That happened for about a year.

Jazzy was a special dog. So sweet and Kathy said she never tore up her toys. They still have everyone she ever got. My dogs tear theirs up in about 10 minutes.

So I decided to do a portrait of Jazzy for Kathy and her husband. This is on an 8x10 inch piece of watercolor paper. The actual face is about 4x6 inches. Done in watercolor, a touch of colored pencil, and white Conte pencil.

Kathy is making a shadowbox frame with Jazzy's collar and some other mementos and will ad the painting to that.

Goodbye my sweet Jazzy. I will miss looking across the yard next door and seeing your sweet face looking back.


sue said...

I hate to hear about pets being discarded like unwanted litter.

Sounds as though Jazzy had a fabulous life with two Moms - after such a horrible start though. I'm sure your painting will be very much treasured.

ArtistUnplugged said...

So sad, good that he had wonderful parents and friends like you though. How kind of you to do the portrait, very nice! Bless y'all all.

Marmsk said...

I am sure your painting will bring the owners much joy. Well done.

Katherine Thomas said...

That's such a wonderful, touching thing that you did for your friends! The portrait came out beautifully too! It's interesting how so many dog lovers are artists too, isn't it?