Monday, December 12, 2011

Dave's Portrait

Dave's portrait from the Annual Portrait Swap on Wetcanvas has landed in Wales. I received a photo of him holding it. I will ask for permission to post it here. He was happy with it and the two sketches I did as preparation for the painting. Both were sprayed with fixative and signed so he can frame them if he wants. He liked that I sent it with a mat. Since a lot of people don't know that the watercolor paintings need a mat, I don't like to leave it for them to do. Then I only have to tell them to frame it with a frame that includes glass.

I'm so happy the portrait made it safely to him. The one of me that he did is in the mail. I look forward to seeing it in person.

I have finished everything I had on my list of "to do" things. Things that had to be finished before Christmas. Nice to have those things pretty much off my mind and shoulders.

I even finished my Sketchbook 2012. I hope to post it in the mail today. Nice to finish up that too and get in the mail. And I am a month early.

Now off to scan the pictures in the Sketchbook 2012 before I pack it up for mailing. And of course it's almost time for my soap opera. Life is good.

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sue said...

Whoooaah!! don't get too organised or you'll have nothing to put on your list of New Year resolutions :-)