Sunday, February 19, 2012

Graphite Trade

On the Drawspace Forum we decided to have a graphite/pen & ink trade this month. No theme except the medium. Here are my cards. They will be going out on Monday or Tuesday depending whether the mail runs on Monday.

I gave them a choice if they wanted me to do a drawing of their pet as I love doing animals. The dog on the right is Floos' pet and the cat underneath is Tea's. Those were the only two who opted for a pet of theirs.

The bird is the scrub jay that befriended me for a couple of months and followed me around talking like I was his mother. He finally got a girlfriend and came back a couple more times and then no more. I called him "Ain't" because that's what he sounded like when he talked to me. The cat in the pot is a school friend of mine's cat and was taken thru her patio door. The other things are from my Goodwill Store treasures.


Katherine Thomas said...

I love them all! The expression on the bird is great. That sounds like fun, the trading card exchange. What do you do with the cards you receive from others? Do you have a special binder, or put them in a frame? I'd like to see more of your graphite work!

Teresa said...

And you captured Bailey's malevolent stare perfectly!