Thursday, February 02, 2012

Groundhog Day

Today would have been my husband's 62nd birthday. Today and most of the last few days have been very pensive for me. I have thought of things from the past. One more date (the date he passed away) to get thru and I will feel better that they are all past and then I can breathe.

I did my yearly self-portrait. This one I did for the latest Scavenger Hunt. Last year I did a half of my face to represent that half of me was missing with the death of my husband. This year my face is whole again. I'm not great but moving into the future and a new normal.

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Katherine Thomas said...

This post really grabbed my heart... It's so beautiful that you do your self portrait each year and it reflects where you are at that time of your life. I hope today brings you many comforting thoughts and special moments of remembrance. The portrait is wonderful, and so so special, knowing the story behind it.