Monday, January 30, 2012

Scavenger Hunt #255

This is 21 items from the current scavenger hunt on Wetcanvas. We are on hunt #255. And here I worried about getting to #100. We've come a long way. I plan to do the other 5 items on the list this week. I have plenty of time as the list was just posted today.

The remainder of the list is:

a portrait with a challenge to do a self-portrait
above your head
Below your feet

Those should be findable.


Jo Castillo said...

Your groupings are so much fun and so well done! Hope you frame some or make cards....

jmfletch said...
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jmfletch said...

Jeanne, I love when you do still lifes for the hunt. The colors are always vibrant and make me smile. Plus I enjoy seeing all the chotchkes you collect to draw. Thanks.