Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mom's Baked Goods

Some of my cards for the project on Wetcanvas called "From the Past" have arrived. Here is the first one.

"Mom's Baked Goods". My mom used to bake a lot when we were kids. Back then most moms did. I remember coming home from school many times to the smell of baked yeast rolls, or cinnamon buns, or cookies. My husband's mom worked and he never experienced this memory. So after we were married, I made sure if I baked, I did it right before he was due home from work so he could smell them as he came in. The smells of baked goods gives me a feeling of "I'm home".


Drawn2Art said...

Whoo Hoo this one is mine.

I thought every one had baked goods fresh from the oven this project has been a life lesson / we are lucky to have the experiences of our times.gardening canning and baking from scratch.
In today prepared world the home good preparing gardening canning are not heard from.
today if one goes through the effort to dump a mix add eggs and water they are thought of as a baker.
wow you've come a long way babe'

Joan T said...

Love this!!! You are making me remember that smell as I walked in the door. My mom baked a lot, and when she make homemade bread we would first have the smell of the yeast (for hours it seemed) and then the bread as it was in the oven. We couldn't wait for it to come out and have her slice us a warm piece with the butter just melting from the heat. Now I've made my mouth water. lol

Kat Farmer said...

wonderful memories those home baked cakes conjure up. My dh even still like to have the mixing bowl to scrape out with his finger before I wash it up. Lovely ATC :-)