Thursday, January 05, 2012

Two Weeks

I have had this cold for 2 weeks. I am ready for it to go away. I still feel all fuzzy-headed. Still going thru lots of kleenex. Still coughing and gagging. What a wonderful way to live.

No artwork has been done much. I did the scavenger hunt items in the previous post. I did one "From the Past" card. And I joined yet another trade. This one on Wetcanvas is for "Doors".

We did a "Windows" trade a few months back. So now it is doors. I have cruised thru a few towns on Google Street Map but haven't found anything to really inspired me. Will look again soon.

Also signing up is happening now for the latest Drawspace trade, the January one, with a theme of "In your yard". And these have to be finished in a month. As the month is passing fast like the years these days, i need to get going. But I seem to have the blahs.

I do have an itch in me to do a larger piece. I think something in the landscape line. Not sure why. I do like landscapes but they are not my favorite subject.

It's also time to do another self portrait. I have only done one since my husband passed. I like to do one a year. And I have decided to do one painting or drawing of my husband once a year around the anniversary of his death. That will be coming up soon. Maybe I will do it for his birthday on Feb 2nd.

I'm struggling to get thru a trying time for me during the year. Our Anniversary (Oct 31), Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, his birthday (Feb 2), and then the anniversary of his death (Mar 29). I will be glad with those once again behind me. Then I can breathe again until the next time.

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Teresa said...

And I'm right there with you coughing, sneezing, stuffy and generally feeling blah-y. I do think I caught it from you while we were texting back and forth ;-)

Hope you get to feeling better... the blahs for you may have as much to do with this difficult time of the year as the cold. I've heard it's best to keep busy during such times......

Hugs from NC