Monday, January 09, 2012

From my Back Yard

Drawspace's January trade is for "My Back Yard". Here are the cards I did for that trade.

I have finished my "From the Past" cards. Still have to scan and get them mailed. And I am in another trade with Wetcanvas for "Doors". We did a Windows trade some time back.

I haven't started that one yet but hope to soon. I haven't found any "doors" that knock my sox off yet. I have been cruising thru streets on Google Street view but no luck yet.

I still am trying to get rid of my cold. I'm so ready for it to be over. I am still fuzzy headed, blowing, and coughing. I'm only doing whatever has to be done and letting everything else go. It looks like my living room had a dog toy explosion.

I am getting a lot of reading done. I have the Kindle App for my Ipad and can get free Kindle books quite often. I probably have between 100-200 saved. It helps to have plenty to read without having to pay for them. And I am finding some new authors that are really good.

I'm trying to keep my gas/electric bill lower so am staying cold a lot. I also don't like to be all bundled up as I feel too bulky and have trouble accomplishing anything.


Drawn2Art said...

Jeanne Grant: Scavenger Hunt hi Jeanne I have tried for a couple of days to figure out this sites paths and join love the sketches and projects. The year after my mom passed I was battling depression by throwing my self into the world of ATC's but most of them are more craft oriented colleges about 800 trades in albums but I wanted to draw and trade some so this is very appealing thanks for any info you can give me I think i am following scavenger and may be the january one I worte the moderator in the middle of the night last night.
Posted by Drawn2Art at 11:58 AM

Drawn2Art said...

jeanne I need your help agian I can get any one to respond to the many messages I have sent / I have all cards done need addresses I have yours it was mailed today with three cards in is doors past and back yard e mail me