Saturday, January 14, 2012

3 Weeks and Counting

I still have my cold. Three weeks now. I sure wish it would go visit someone else. I feel pretty good one day and the next I spend in bed sleeping. Today was a sleeping day.

I have been working on my Doors project. I finished the From the Past trade and they were mailed out yesterday. 4 of those included a "Door" card as well. And I now have 4 more door cards finished.

I am having trouble with the Door project. I can't get motivated. Even though I have finished 8 cards, I was not particularly happy with them. I'm not really enjoying the process. I guess I will have to start some other piece of artwork to get my art juices flowing.

I have a photo by Scattykat of some cows that is interesting to me but so far I haven't been moved enough to start it. I still need to start my yearly portrait of my husband. And I need to do a self portrait. But none of those is quite what I need right now. I don't even know what I need right now. I keep looking and hopefully soon I will find what I don't even know I'm looking for. Does that make sense? Maybe not but in my scattered mind it does.

There was a new scavenger hunt list posted today. That I need to get started on. I have found out in the last few hunts that if I start them right away, and do several at once, it works better for me. Before I was waiting till the last couple of days and just getting one done before the end. The last 2 or so hunts I did about half the items. Feels good too. I need to start doing some kind of sketching every day to get back into the habit. One can never have enough practice.

So "cold" go away or find someone Else's back to climb on. I have invested enough time being sick. I need to be ill free. And please don't come again for a very long time.


Journeyman said...

Sorry to hear you are still fighting that cold Jeanne, hope it will relent soon. Your portrait of me is now framed I’ll get a photo to you soon.

Bright moments without sneezes :) Dave

Marmsk said...

This "From the past" trade is proving very emotive. The artwork and the comment explanation is brilliant.