Tuesday, September 10, 2013

In a Slump

No artwork lately. I'm going thru a slump. Everything I have tried to do, I wasn't happy with. So I just try to be patient until it is over. I did go to a plein air outing with my art group today. We went to a small mountain community where we have been once before. It's called Stallion Springs. The little day park where we painted is called Horse Thief park. Great place to go. Very nice restroom, a creek or stream, a covered patio area with several tables, other areas with tables, a covered bridge. very quiet and peaceful, and not many people around. Across the water is a cute little white church with a steeple. And many beautiful paintable areas. Here is the painting I started the last time I was there and worked on some more today. It's not really finished and not sure I will finish it. The part from the first trip was done in colored pencils. Today I used watercolor and watercolor pencils. The colored pencil part just shows up too bright compared to the watercolors I did today. But I enjoyed the two outings and the atmosphere and I will consider this one a learning piece.

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