Sunday, September 29, 2013

New Sketchbook Journal

I have been lax at posting for the last couple of months. I have been in an art slump. Hopefully I will be climbing out of it son. I have decided on a new project, and I am looking forward to progressing in it. Well I said one new project but there are two. It started with a new sketchbook purchase. It is like the Moleskine books with the same (hopefully) strong paper that holds a little water. And the pages are beige too and has an expandable folder in the back. I couldn't decide what I would be putting in the book. I posted that in the Facebook Sketchbook Journal area and got a few comments and suggestions. One was from Jacqui who knows I have many, many little trinkets that I have purchased for the Scavenger hunts. Many more than I really need. She suggested doing a book showing all of those. and making a memory of them in case I have to one day downsize them. The second suggestion was that I do a journal about someone I love or am close to either past or present. Well that sounded like a great idea to do for a memory book of my husband. It has now been 3 1/2 years since he passed. I would be able to do sketches of him, our babies that we both loved so much, little bits of information on things that we did or that happened to us along the way, how we met. Not sure one book will be enough but it's a start. I decided to do both. I went to Aaron Brothers to get another sketchbook but didn't find the same one. So I got a Moleskine one. I have already started the pages in the one of my Goodwill Finds. I may title that one as "New and Gently Used". The one of my husband will be "Till Death Do Us Part". These are the first and second pages of New and Gently Used. They are done with colored pencils, fineline pens, and a little watercolor.

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